La Maison - Dunedin Escort Agency

Also known as the 'House of Pleasure' where both men and woman can explore whether you are straight, bi or gay, our parlour we will bring all of those sexual fantasies into reality.

We are without a doubt, Dunedins Classiest Establishment, as often mentioned by our regular clients, who like nothing more than to spend time with our ladies.

Our lovely ladies, some that are very new to the industry, but highly experienced in all things sexual, to make your time at La Maison a pleasurable and memorable experience.

La Maison hosts clean and cheery premises, inclusive of hot showers, sauna. Love Tub and very comfortable rooms. La Maison specialises in strippers for private functions, male and female swingers parties, escorts.

Opening Hours:

Sundays-12 noon to Midnight
Mondays-12 noon to Midnight
Tues-Thurs 11am till 3am
Fri-Sat 12 noon to 6am

Phone: (03) 477 5907

La Maison Location:


Wild Secrets